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Rabota UA

Copywriter with Advanced English - Одеська обл. - Вакансія 1569097

Назва організації: С
(рос. - Вакансия:)
Copywriter with Advanced English
Дата останнього оновлення: 19.04.18 11:36
Розділ роботи: Наука
Страна, регіон: Одеська обл.
Місто, місцезнаходження: Одесса
Зарплата: 500
Вид діяльності: Постійна
Вік від: 22
Вік до: 35
Освіта: Вища
Іноземна мова: Англійська
Текст вакансії:
(рос. - Текст вакансии:)
We’re looking for an experienced copywriter, with practical experience of delivering high-quality content and a keen eye for details and requirements.

- highly advanced English free of any imperfections (grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
- practical experience delivering academic papers (articles, courseworks, etc.)
- ability to follow instructions and deadlines (extremely important)
- desire to improve performance and income

Desirable Skills
- understanding/ experience working with a variety of academic citation styles
- research and analytical skills

We’re offering
- work from home
- stable income without any payment delays
- first-month income starting at $500, with the potential to exceed $1000 within 3-4 months
- Training and direct success management support

- writing unique articles, essays, and other types of academic papers in English, covering the widest variety of academic niches and subjects (literature, economics, philosophy, finance, etc.) - in accordance with strict requirements and instructions
- editing completed orders
- grading/ evaluating completed orders
Rabota UA
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Работа Copywriter with Advanced English Одесса

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